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When you start planning your packing essentials, please think of us!

We have items that are comfortable and light, practical and easy maintenance.


Like this Linen Collection From France:



This is not your usual linen. Made of 100% Linen, this Asymmetrical Maxi dress does not wrinkle like most linen items. You can easily fold it into your suitcase and not have to worry about ironing or steaming it. (Although you will have to do it eventually, just not as often as other items).

Check out this Asymmetrical Tunic, also made from 100% Linen:



Did we mention that layering is very much in style right now?



Yearly Reminder

   As we enter this holiday season, a lot of people are getting ready to start their
holiday shopping.
Malls and online stores will be offering a lot of great deals and varieties.
Small businesses will be offering great deals and varieties as well.
Shopping at the mall has its advantages like, one stop shopping and great return
Where it might sound like an advertisement for the malls, I would like to ask you to NOT forget small businesses.
During this holiday season please shop local at your neighborhood store or boutique – sometimes they get overlooked.
They say it takes a village to raise a child, well, on that note, I think it takes a neighborhood to help a business grow. After all, where would we be without you – our loyal client. Thank You!

Handmade Sweater/Vest For Girls By Silhouettes

Silhouettes would like to introduce this unique, one of a kind vest/sweater for girls.

Open sides for comfortable fit, two buttons on each side.

Handmade from soft acrylic, this vest is for girls 5 years old to 8 years old.

With proper care it will last for years to come.



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