Girls’ Night Out In Farmington Hills!

Treat yourself this week!

girls night out

You don’t want to miss out on this fun-filled evening on November 6th at 7pm at 9Round Farmington Hills! There will be massages, beauty products, jewelry, health drinks, food, wine, raffles and lots of fun with other women in our community! Silhouettes will be there to showcase some of our favorite fall items, so come ready to get your style on and relax!

Read more about the event on Facebook. Be sure to join the event!

Feel free to invite your friends and family. See you soon!


Time to get creative with fashion! Mix it up with Tunics and Vests!

We all know what fall fashion looks like…




Ankle boots.

But we really need to shake it up a little! Have you ever considered branching out and trying a long vest? How about this look?

2.5 Grey Vest

This would be flattering on almost any body type. It’s A-line, complimentary angles and lines, and has beautiful details that really stand out.

Or how about this vest?

2.4 Grey Tunic

Who would have thought that a vest could have so much personality and unique flare?? Again, with the angles of the tunic, this is extremely comfortable and flattering to the tummy that just ate 2 apple cinnamon donuts at the apple farm!

Lastly, we totally dig this red vest:

2.6 Red Vest


And these!

blackwhite tunic grey tunic

Now we’re starting to get fancy. Wear this out on a chilly fall evening for dinner with your special someone. And if you need an extra pocket to slip your lip stick or just to look cool? You have 3 pocket options!

Before you go out next, seriously consider rocking the vest and tunic look. And guess what, we have these exact styles in our store! Come by and try them on asap!!


Fall Into Fashion

The weather is becoming crisp and slowly clothes are coming out that are long sleeved and thicker. Before you know it, fall will be in full bloom!

Here we LOVE fall! Why? Because the colors of fall are incredibly vibrant and gorgeous! So it’s time to fall in fashion and fall in love with the new styles and looks that are coming out right now. Check out some of these new fashions and looks we’ve found. Be inspired! Be unique! Be you. And fall in love with your fall fashion 🙂

Anything can be paired with black. And we all look good in black– it’s so slimming! The neutral, pink textured top is such a soft compliment to the outfit. Plus, she looks incredibly comfortable!

1.1 Mulit Print Top



This loose blouse is a very European style and looks nice with form fitting pants. If everything is too loose then it gives a wider illusion. So rock the warm sweater, but pair it with a nice pair of fitted pants or leggings.


1.3 Top, Green



A long-waisted shirt that has a pattern like this can be very slimming. Wear something like this to go out for a casual dinner outing.

1.4 Blue Print Top



This cardigan top is AMAZING! The angles and cut of the top are so flattering! The neck looks like a built-in scarf (keeping you very warm!). This type of cardigan will look good on any body type. Try it on!!

1.6 Top, Pink


Also, September 1 starts our Labor Day Special! Get in from Sept 1-15th to receive additional discounts on summer items and fashions. Once the 16th comes around, we’ll be launching out Fall items. See you soon!

Dress for YOU! Questions to ask while you shop

It takes time to think about yourself, your style, your tastes, and your unique style.

It’s easy to fall into the trap of dressing to fit in or meet everyone else’s expectations.

But that’s not what dressing is all about! It’s about expressing who you are from the inside out and being comfortable with that look!

Here’s some questions you should ask as you go shopping next time:

Is this comfortable?

Does it highlight my body “strengths?”

Does it show my “good” curves?

Does the color complement my skin color?

Do I LOVE it?

Do I like it or do I just think other people will like it?

Can I see myself wearing this many times and in a variety of ways?

Is the fabric good quality?

Will this item last a long time?

Is it realistically in my price range?

Let’s be thoughtful shoppers! Don’t just shop on impulse; think through each purchase and make sure it’s exactly the right piece of clothing for YOU!

We love dresses here at Silhouettes. Here’s a couple of our recent favorites. Come in the store and try them on anytime!

15657 offwhite

Happy shopping!

Happy 4th of July! 30{31fbb3462bea587009acb4e8e61f0ea96a6a7fad11c59b6b4c3d7ab05c0038d7} off Dresses and Tops!

Celebrate the 4th of July with Silhouettes this week!

This week from Tuesday-Friday you will receive 30{31fbb3462bea587009acb4e8e61f0ea96a6a7fad11c59b6b4c3d7ab05c0038d7} off all our summer tops and dresses!

Cotton Dress From Italy

Cotton Dress From Italy.jpg

Tunic-Dress From France.

Tunic-Dress.  Made In France.

Shop now for the best fashions in town!

**Discounts cannot be combined with any other offer. Valid June 30-July 3 only.**

Stunning Looks For Summer Parties

It’s time for summer fashions!

We love finding fun, simple, yet stunning looks for you to feel comfortable and stylish in.

Have we found some great looks for you– check out this dress:

What a gorgeous dress! We love this stunning off-white lined dress by Dolcezza. It’s incredibly comfortable and made in Turkey.

belt dress

How about this Digital New York Pencil Skirt? This came from the UK and we think it’s a fabulous European look that will make you stand out in a group– for all the right reasons!


Can you visualize yourself in any of these outfits at an evening summer party? Come by and try it on today!

Silhouettes Celebrates Memorial Day!

On FRIDAY AND SATURDAY May 22-23 you will receive 10{31fbb3462bea587009acb4e8e61f0ea96a6a7fad11c59b6b4c3d7ab05c0038d7} off all accessories and 25{31fbb3462bea587009acb4e8e61f0ea96a6a7fad11c59b6b4c3d7ab05c0038d7} off all dresses!

View our recent email to get the offer and show in our store to redeem for your discount.

Come on by and see what unique fashions will be the perfect fit for your silhouette this summer!

2015-05-14 12.08.31 2015-05-14 12.10.20 2015-05-14 12.15.35 2015-05-14 12.20.42 2015-05-14 12.22.56


**Discounts cannot be combined with any other offer. Valid May 22-23 only.**

Mother’s Day Is Almost Here! Get A Gift And Save!

We love mothers and want to honor moms in our community this week. In fact, anyone that comes in the shop this week will receive a free Mother’s Day gift just for coming in!

We love to share our love for fashion and design however we can!

And not only will you get a free gift, but you can also take advantage of our FANTASTIC Mother’s Day special going on this week! Our shop has discounts available to save $15-20 off your purchases. Come in today and get great fashions at a great price!


Be inspired by our fashions. Come in and see what European styles will make you stand out in a crowd!

Welcome to our Blog!

Welcome to our blog, where we love to share new European fashions, apparel inspirations, and general news about what’s happening in our local boutique! We love clothing and we love helping women feel beautiful, so at Silhouettes we combine both. Come by to see something that might inspire you to be different, to step out of your comfort zone and be the unique person you are.

Haven’t been to our shop before? Here’s some pictures to get you started. See you soon!

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