Time to get creative with fashion! Mix it up with Tunics and Vests!

We all know what fall fashion looks like…




Ankle boots.

But we really need to shake it up a little! Have you ever considered branching out and trying a long vest? How about this look?

2.5 Grey Vest

This would be flattering on almost any body type. It’s A-line, complimentary angles and lines, and has beautiful details that really stand out.

Or how about this vest?

2.4 Grey Tunic

Who would have thought that a vest could have so much personality and unique flare?? Again, with the angles of the tunic, this is extremely comfortable and flattering to the tummy that just ate 2 apple cinnamon donuts at the apple farm!

Lastly, we totally dig this red vest:

2.6 Red Vest


And these!

blackwhite tunic grey tunic

Now we’re starting to get fancy. Wear this out on a chilly fall evening for dinner with your special someone. And if you need an extra pocket to slip your lip stick or just to look cool? You have 3 pocket options!

Before you go out next, seriously consider rocking the vest and tunic look. And guess what, we have these exact styles in our store! Come by and try them on asap!!


Fall Into Fashion

The weather is becoming crisp and slowly clothes are coming out that are long sleeved and thicker. Before you know it, fall will be in full bloom!

Here we LOVE fall! Why? Because the colors of fall are incredibly vibrant and gorgeous! So it’s time to fall in fashion and fall in love with the new styles and looks that are coming out right now. Check out some of these new fashions and looks we’ve found. Be inspired! Be unique! Be you. And fall in love with your fall fashion 🙂

Anything can be paired with black. And we all look good in black– it’s so slimming! The neutral, pink textured top is such a soft compliment to the outfit. Plus, she looks incredibly comfortable!

1.1 Mulit Print Top



This loose blouse is a very European style and looks nice with form fitting pants. If everything is too loose then it gives a wider illusion. So rock the warm sweater, but pair it with a nice pair of fitted pants or leggings.


1.3 Top, Green



A long-waisted shirt that has a pattern like this can be very slimming. Wear something like this to go out for a casual dinner outing.

1.4 Blue Print Top



This cardigan top is AMAZING! The angles and cut of the top are so flattering! The neck looks like a built-in scarf (keeping you very warm!). This type of cardigan will look good on any body type. Try it on!!

1.6 Top, Pink


Also, September 1 starts our Labor Day Special! Get in from Sept 1-15th to receive additional discounts on summer items and fashions. Once the 16th comes around, we’ll be launching out Fall items. See you soon!