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Dress for YOU! Questions to ask while you shop

It takes time to think about yourself, your style, your tastes, and your unique style.

It’s easy to fall into the trap of dressing to fit in or meet everyone else’s expectations.

But that’s not what dressing is all about! It’s about expressing who you are from the inside out and being comfortable with that look!

Here’s some questions you should ask as you go shopping next time:

Is this comfortable?

Does it highlight my body “strengths?”

Does it show my “good” curves?

Does the color complement my skin color?

Do I LOVE it?

Do I like it or do I just think other people will like it?

Can I see myself wearing this many times and in a variety of ways?

Is the fabric good quality?

Will this item last a long time?

Is it realistically in my price range?

Let’s be thoughtful shoppers! Don’t just shop on impulse; think through each purchase and make sure it’s exactly the right piece of clothing for YOU!

We love dresses here at Silhouettes. Here’s a couple of our recent favorites. Come in the store and try them on anytime!

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Happy shopping!